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Strategic Resources, executive recruiters and executive recruitment. executive recruiters for executives in professional management. Strategic Resources specializes in executive recruitment. executive recruitment and recruiting of executives is the specialty of Strategic Resources, a national executive search firm specializing in senior-level executive search and Board of Director appointments. Executive search firm focusing on senior-level executive search and Board of Director appointments. Strategic Resources offers expertise in account management and executive search, managment portfolio and executive portfolio. We offer services for executive consulting and job search and recruitment of upper and mid-level management. Strategic Resources offers help in finding executive management, management and senior management search and senior management search and acquisitions. We offer services in advertising apparel design and apparel, biotech and board of directors. Expert placement in brand management, broadcasting, business and careers, ceo and chief executive officers and chief financial officers. Advice for CFSs and consultation, consulting contacts. Our firms offers services in corporate affairs and corporate communications, consumer products and department stores. Allen Brady, Ted Warren, diagnostics, directorships, e-commerce ethnic marketing evaluation event promotions events executive management executive search, headhunter and headhunters and HR, human resources, income and infrastructure. Strategic Resources are experets in international communications, the internet development interview and fine-tuning job listings for jobseekers, licensing, long term, marcomm. Executive search, job search and searching for managment positions and management jobs. We also offer introductory services for Merger and Acquisition or strategic alliances. Business performance. We will be the "go to" firm for specialized executive search assistance nationwide, recognized for our professionalism, access to exceptional candidates and clients, and commitment to the highest levels of customer service. We will provide a solid resource base that is large enough to serve the needs of all our clients, while remaining small enough to care for the unique requirements of each one, as we work to bring people, companies and opportunities together.Above all, we value Ethics, supported by Integrity, Leadership and Professional Excellence.